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White Background Photography


Suitable for a wide range of product types including electronic goods and accessories, cosmetics, leather goods, fashion accessories, homeware and leisure equipment, our White Background photography service provides high quality, cost effective product photographs optimised for use on retail web sites.


We will help you boost product sales with beautiful, affordable images of your products cut out against a pure white background, with soft lighting, resulting in that clean, professional look demanded by top e-commerce sites such as Amazon.

Staging and Lighting

Products are placed on a still-life table which provides a seamless white background, and then each product is assessed individually and lit according to its own particular needs, taking into account the materials used in manufacture and the shape and colouring of the product. Lighting is generally soft, to minimise shadows and reflections are carefully managed to allow glossy surfaces to appear natural without excessive glare or 'hot-spots'.


All products are photographed using modern professional cameras and lenses, mounted on a heavy duty Manfrotto studio tripod and shot using a wide depth of field to ensure front-to-back sharpness, which is required in order to create realistic cut-outs. Images are captured in full resolution RAW format to ensure the highest possible image quality and to permit maximum flexibility in post-capture processing.

Post Capture Processing

We use the latest version of Adobe Photoshop for all post-capture image processing.

First the subject is cut out from its original background which is then replaced with a pure white background. Each image is adjusted for colour, contrast and sharpness and then re-touched to remove dust, scratches or other minor blemishes, before being cropped, re-sized and optimised for use on web sites. 

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