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Product infographics are a method of displaying often technical product information in a graphical form that is easily understood at a glance. Infographics exist to provide contextual information about your product such as key features and benefits that cannot be easily conveyed by photographs alone.

For example, your product may have unique selling points such as being waterproof or vegan or made from a particular grade of material. You may need to convey product dimensions or available colour ranges using swatches.


Infographics can be as simple as plain textual annotations which may further be enhanced by a choice of sympathetically styled graphical components. Infographic images can be based either on either white background product photographs or on creative composite (lifestyle) photographs.

Infographic designs start at just £25 for designs comprising of elements such as simple line-and-text callouts, product dimension bars, colour swatches, bulleted feature lists or similar basic graphical annotations.

The price quoted is for the addition of infographic elements to an existing White Background or Creative Composite photo (charged separately). 

Please ask us to quote for additional or more complex graphical elements.

At Heath studios, our primary focus is of course photography, and we have no formal training in graphical design, so if your infographic requirements are advanced you may prefer to engage a specialist graphics designer to design your infographics for you. However if your requirements are more modest such as in the images shown above, then we are more than happy to provide a one-stop-shop for all of your product listing image needs.

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