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Creative Composite Photography

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White Background Photography

Composite photography can be effectively used to deliver lifestyle images for use as 'Hero Shots' for your products. In the context of e-commerce, a hero shot is a shot that allows a customer to envisage what it would be like to enjoy the benefits of your product. It's job is to invoke aspirational feelings about your product and the lifestyle that goes with owning it.


We take studio photographs of your product and carefully composite them with one or more professionally shot stock images selected from the world's largest stock libraries. To make the final image appear as seamless as possible, we blend the edges of the product with the background, adjust the lighting and colour balance to match the scene and add in drop-shadows where necessary.

The final result is an aspirational image that showcases your product in an a lifestyle setting, and of course we do this at a far lower cost than arranging a location based photoshoot, with professional models.

Creative Composite images start at just £25 for a single studio product image composited with a single stock library image.


This price includes your choice of stock image selected from the standard (i.e. non premium) offerings from the world's leading libraries, including Adobe, Getty Images and Shutterstock.

Please ask us to quote for more complex composites, additional product, or stock images or for use of premium stock imagery.

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