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Product Photography @ Heath Studios

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White Background Photography

At Heath Studios we specialise in providing product photography services for small businesses. We offer a range of quality, cost effective services designed to satisfy the needs of online retailers, whether you are selling via your own web site or a third party e-commerce platform such as Amazon or eBay.

White Background Photography

White background photography (also called e-commerce photography or packshot photography) forms the backbone of all Amazon listings and is essential for your main product image. Clear, sharp, detailed product images that fill the frame on a pure white background are what it's all about here. For peace of mind it is comforting to know that we have been providing quality Amazon white background photography since 2011.

Creative Composite Photography

Creative Composite photography offers a cost-effective way of delivering lifestyle images of your product in an aspirational setting by compositing studio shots of your product, with licensed stock library images to create compelling aspirational imagery.


Product Infographics, provide contextual information about your product, such as unique selling points, product dimensions and key features or benefits. Infographics can be as simple as plain text annotations or can be enhanced by a selection of sympathetically styled graphical components.

Our online ordering, proofing, invoicing, payment and delivery systems make the whole process easy to manage and all of our services are backed by a full re-shoot or no fee guarantee - if you are not completely satisfied with your photographs we will re-shoot until you are happy, or you pay nothing.

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